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Master/Sub Videos

Make no mistake. This is not a chair. This is a place in which to rule. And rule he will over you.

Submit To the Throne

Its Good to be God

Dominant Suit Worship

This is Muscle Master Kevin as you NEVER seen him before -- in bed commanding you without needing to move an inch.

The boss suits up, looking sharp and flaunting his cufflinks and fine wear before flaunting thousands of dollars, explaining your position beneath him as he gets more comfortable.

Master Kevin sports a full beard as he details why he is an Alpha for the ages. Whether it be in today’s modern world, or centuries ago in medieval times, Master Kevin tell us why he was always meant to be served.

       Definition of Alpha

Little Maggot

Imagine being locked in a room with the curtains drawn, sitting face to face with the Alpha Master of your dreams. You know you are just seconds away from utter destruction from the man who has the power to bring your life to an end.

Watch and listen as Muscle Master Kevin throws political correctness out the window and debases you using the word many are too timid to utter.

Cuckold Sissy

A brutal video, detailing just how superior the master is to you, and a scenario in which he could, will, and has taken your wife for his own.

Newest Release

Warlord Khal Kevin describes how he butchers men, ravages their women, and sacks their villages. And why powerful alphas have the right to the world over inferiors like you.

   Khal Kevin

Fucking Faggot

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