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A classic way of serving- Followers buy from this and within days the item will be in my hands- Be it clothes, food to grow my physique, or the latest technology. Significant purchases will be flaunted on the home page.

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Master lives life fast and freely while simultaneously amassing immense savings. As his follower it is imperative you do your part in being sure there is not a single day where Master has a care in the world. His cars tank must be filled, his bills paid for- From the most minor to the most substantial. 

Kevin has travelled the globe, across the states all the way to Asia- And he has no plans of stopping. It is your duty to provide luxury hotels and travel.

Simply put, it is expected you regularly drain your finances into it- Channeling your life into his superior one.

Fuel My Physique...

Give Hard Cash

Fund My Lifestyle...

Put It All Where It Belongs...

Sponsor Masters Travels Around The World...

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This website is the stable for worshippers of Master Kevin to admire, learn about, and most of all SERVE by offering up their cash after being submitted by his will. 

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