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Who is Master Kevin?

If you're not new to the Master, muscle, or wrestling scene then you already know the answer to this question. Master Kevin is the most successful Master- Having Reigned over the Master scene since the age of 15, turning his smile into quite literally a million dollar one over the years to follow, before founding which in only two years became the second biggest wrestling company. 

He is hungry when it comes to every and any facet of life- Never being satisfied with a conquest- Be it money seized from a worshipper, or the latest beauty he's ravaged. He is a well groomed, suave, articulate, and level headed businessman, as well as a selfish, hands on alpha male. He is the total package both beautiful and rugged, uninhibited yet calculated. He is free from the constraints that bind the peasants of the world, able to live life fast and without worry, with every expense being handled by his obedient followers. However more than anything he is your MASTER.
















     Businessman                   Muscle God                                  Icon      


It all begins with approaching me and making your first impression: How do you approach the man who will be your Master? How will you refer to him? What shall you lay at his feet? Even the subtlest comment and action will be noted, for good or ill. Remember, you are approaching the man who since he was 15 has not only deserved the best, but grown accustom to it.


I expect the best without variation. I expect to be addressed with respect. I expect to be thanked each time you serve. I expect my wardrobe to boast the finest clothes. I expect my every expense covered, along with my every outing. I expect my hungry A4 to be filled every day. I expect my technology always to be current. I expect my hobbies to be enjoyed without financial investment as a deterrent. I expect you to live each day selflessly, with my satisfaction at the forefront of your mind- For I will taste of every wine, know every woman, and walk every shore.


For a genuine submissive, finding your niche beneath me is the first step in achieving peace of mind. Some are overjoyed to know that even though they cant achieve great things, they can be a part of my success. Others, alone in a world where they cannot be themselves, are overjoyed to have real interactions with an alpha male... A chance to worship a tangible deity. For others, being ruled over, physically, mentally, and financially, is comforting, as they are reminded of their position in life- One which they can do nothing to change. In the most extreme cases, a follower is only truly at peace when their entire life is offered up to me, from the pettiest piece of information, to complete control over their social interactions and finances. It is at this point that free will dissipates and they cease to be an individual, existing forevermore as an extension of my will.


First and foremost, serving me is its own reward. To go to sleep knowing you put a smile on my face that day should be the most fulfilling experience a submissive could hope for. Beyond this, my serious worshippers get the opportunity to converse with me regularly, occasionally earning insight to my days affairs. Of course, there are other means of rewarding the obedient lil guy- Be it with pictures of me with their gifts, videos addressing them, or in cases of extreme devotion, physical items such as socks or shoes. But this only scratches the surface. I am a believer that each bond between master and follower is unique, developing in their own way, thus with different personalized rewards for servitude.

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