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Classic Match- Lean Master

destroys loser

Everything the master wants, the master gets. Today he's decided it's time to rip cash from a helpless little guys hands- but not only will he be taking what's his- the submissive runt will hand it over to him bit by bit.

Muscle Master is a legend in life and in the wrestling ring. This classic wrestling match, featuring a lean Master Kevin, is a prime example of why you NEVER want to cross The Boss.

Master Kevin is unhappy with YOU and ready to lay down punishment. He lays on power moves and shoves you into his powerful muscles. Check out his first ever POV video available on MMK.

Sleeper Holds + Foot Worship

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Master Kevin is here to turn a bodybuilder into is eager and willing foot massager. Watch as he uses sleeper hold after sleeper hold to make the bodybuilder submit.

Angry Pov Wrestling Beatdown

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This website is the stable for worshippers of Master Kevin to admire, learn about, and most of all SERVE by offering up their cash after being submitted by his will. 

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