Trance Induction: Cash Drain Conditioning



This is the latest in Master Kevin's series of training videos designed to shape the mind and behavior of the truly devout. But make no mistake, this is unlike any of Master Kevin's previous training sessions. This intense session is designed for those who crave the act of being belittled, those who want to be reminded of their inferiority and those who love extreme verbal abuse. This video will condition anyone viewing it to be an obedient and eager ATM stripped of free will. To watch this video is to let Muscle Master Kevin into your mind completely and to give up all control to him. View with caution. You have been warned. This video consists of an audio message played under a still image

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This website is the stable for worshippers of Master Kevin to admire, learn about, and most of all SERVE by offering up their cash after being submitted by his will. 

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