Hypno/ASMR Videos

Designed to open your mind and condition it to be controlled by your Master. This is "must see" It is recommended that this video be viewed daily for maximum effectiveness.

 Perfect Hypno Induction

Hypno Induction- Cash

drain conditioning

Total Pec Hypno

This intense session is designed for those who crave the act of being belittled, those who want to be reminded of their inferiority and those who love extreme verbal abuse. To watch this video is to let Muscle Master Kevin into your mind completely and to give up all control to him.

In the latest of his series of trance videos, Muscle Master Kevin uses the strength of his massive pecs to take you further under his control. Watch as he draws you in with the slightest ripple of solid muscle.

You will have to find a quiet place and listen carefully as The Boss connects with you in a very intimate way. Without ever raising his voice, you will be brought under his spell and will lose complete control. Headphones are strongly encouraged.

The Boss- ASMR

Pit Hypno

Muscle Master Kevin is back with another captivating video designed to take even more control of your mind. Using one of his most powerful weapons, his superior Alpha Male Pits, Master Kevin draws you in with his classic cocky style.

Muscle Master Kevin takes control of your mind and body in a special trance session designed for eternal submission. Find a quiet place where you can concentrate completely on his words and give in to his desires.

Popper Countdown Training

Total Foot Hypno

For the first time ever, Master Kevin flexes his muscles while counting you down to mindlessly sniff your poppers, becoming his total popper retard and puppet.

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